Girls in ICT Day 2014

It’s that time of year again!  Join us for two upcoming Digital Muse events taking place to celebrate Girls in ICT Day 2014!

On 15 April, we will run an all-day workshop on “Digital Music” as part of the 2014 Girls in ICT Day festivities at the UN International Telecoms Union headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.  The workshop, presented by Cheryl Miller, DLI/DigitalMuse founder, and Adele Rogers, a local music talent, will review a short history of digital music, song-writing and the digital tools available for “creative digital independence” for aspiring music-makers.  Stay tuned here for the amazing creations that will result from this digital musing!

On 23 April, Digital Muse will host its first-ever Mother & Daughter digital music workshop, organised by Cheryl and Sandrine Droubaix, world-reknown digital musician hailing from Brussels.  Join us live and direct from DJ Sand‘s studio in Brussels, and look forward to some fantastic digital music inventions from teams of adult- and mini-digital muses!  Registration here!